Noob question.

    Oct 01 2008 | 6:43 pm
    Just download for first time. My idea is: I want to build a plugin that will allow me to control a volume knob with a tempo sync'd LFO. But the LFO can be any shape which the user can define by drawing or form using some kind of curve in an interactive window.
    Whattya think... should i accept the challenge? If i do this in the next 30 days i may be able to pay for the software before the demo expires!

    • Oct 01 2008 | 7:36 pm
      Hi Herman , I suggest you check the LFO tutorials in the Tutorial Pages
    • Oct 01 2008 | 7:56 pm
      Ya, the LFO Tutorials by Gregory Taylor are a good place to start(beyond the regular Max and MSP Tutorials).
      This example patch is also a great tool found in this folder: Max5/examples/utilities/buffer-writer.maxpat
      Using that patch, you can either create a mathematical function that draws an LFO which will be precisely drawn into an audio buffer(for sample-accuracy) or you can even choose the pencil tool(to the left of the buffer window) and draw directly into the buffer(still sample-accurate!). In fact, that might be your best and quickest option for the drawing interface.
      Just to take a look at another interesting way of doing things for the drawing interface you could also check out this patch, it is not an LFO drawing interface but rather an audio waveform drawing interface but, you could apply it to LFOs and, either way, it may interest you as just one of the many ways these kinds of things are possible in Max5: download it here:
      posted/created by the user here named "skrasms".
      Best of luck.
    • Oct 01 2008 | 8:01 pm
      Oh, and the other great thing about this patch: Max5/examples/utilities/buffer-writer.maxpat
      After using the pencil tool(found to the left of the waveform~ window in that patch) to draw directly into a buffer~, you can click the "smooth" or the "smooth more" buttons(found just below the same waveform~ window in that patch) to get your manually drawn waveform a bit smoother which will help your users have the freedom to draw without being chained too much to the error/inconsistency of the whole human-hand-to-mouse interface.
    • Oct 01 2008 | 8:08 pm
      When I'm done this, will i be able to save it as a vst/au plugin so i can import it into my daw?
    • Oct 01 2008 | 8:40 pm
      Currently, vst/au plug-in building functionality is not available in Max5 just yet. But ya, you could do this if you use Max4.6 (still available). From what I've heard on these forums, vst plug-in building will be available again in Max5 sometime in the future but... just not yet...
    • Oct 02 2008 | 7:53 am
      Patrick Dunn schrieb: > When I'm done this, will i be able to save it as a vst/au plugin so i > can import it into my daw?
      Best is you do the Max 5 tutorials and play a lot in the 30 days, then download Max 4.6 and you get another 30 days to rebuild it there and create a plug-in, as Max 5 needs some more time to follow up its own challenge and be able to create plug-ins.
      Your project itself isn't too hard, even for a beginner. Its actually quite simple, with the following objects: waveform~, buffer~, phasor~, wave~... What to do with them will unfold itself, after you went through all Max and MSP tutorials, and have looked at the help files of the above mentioned objects...
      Good luck...
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