not able to enter flonum values if the jitter patch's been running for a while

    May 28 2012 | 12:06 pm
    Hello everyone,
    I'm having a really bothering problem. I'm sorry if this was already brought up by someone else. I might've overlooked the thread.
    When working with jitter, if the patch is running for a while already (say qmetro is banging some matrix into a feedback chain) i cannot enter values into flonums and numboxes anymore. I can still change values with mouse so the patch is still responding. This seems to happen at a random time and gets fixed by itself after a while, but then happens again...
    Unfortunately I am unable to see a pattern. It seems to happen every time I work with jitter regardless of the objects used or the heaviness of the operations (or size of the matrices). So that I cannot reproduce the problem under certain conditions. It just seems random to me.
    Anyone experiencing something similar? Or found a fix for this?
    Thanks already,
    Max 5.1.9 Macbook Pro 5.1 2.4ghz 8gb Mac OS X 10.6.8