notification from ITM

    Apr 10 2009 | 2:18 pm
    I have my object connected to the ITM system with something like the following:
    x->myTimeObject = (t_object *)time_new((t_object *)x, gensym("mytime"), (method)myTimeObjectMethod, TIME_FLAGS_TICKSONLY | TIME_FLAGS_TRANSPORT | TIME_FLAGS_USECLOCK); x->itm_object = time_getitm(x->myTimeObject);
    Right now I get the state of the ITM with itm_getstate(x->itm_object) by polling it regularly through the myTimeObjectMethod as well as the current ITM time with itm_getticks(x->itm_object); I was wondering if it would be possible to get notifications from ITM when its state changes, thus avoiding the permanent polling. So I tried with object_attach_byptr_register(x, x->itm_object, CLASS_NOBOX); and was hoping to receive a notification from ITM in my notify method, but nothing appears. So is it possible to get such a notification and how? Thanks for any help.