Novation Launch Control XL send a list of all states of buttons, faders and pots?

    Aug 11 2017 | 8:58 am
    Hi there.
    I recently bought the Launch Control XL and I'm planning to use it, via MAX and OSC messages to control my MOTU UltraLite AVB dsp mixer. I'm sending messages from the Launch Control XL to the UltraLite AVB, no problem.
    But I would really like to have have a command, that is sent to the Launch Control XL that would get it to send out the position of the faders and pots as well as the states of all the buttons. Maybe as a list. Is this possible (on any midi controller)?
    I would really like it, so I can just look at the Launch Control XL and know what the settings are on the dsp mixer instead of finding the window on the computer.

    • Aug 14 2017 | 11:45 am
      Hi, unless the creator of the product provides this then no. It's certainly not the case for the LCXL...
    • Aug 14 2017 | 7:03 pm
      No. They replied me as well.
      still, I would love to see this feature on a midi controller.