Novation Remote Zero SL Controller

    Jul 13 2006 | 7:31 am
    Hi, has anyone used/tested the Novation Remote Zero SL already? I checked the Behringer, but did not like its dimension and just got not the right feeling about it. So the Keyboardless Novation Controller came to my mind. It has the advantage of LCDs which label the faders and knobs, but it is more expensive (300euro in europe). what do you think about this one (also compared to the behringer controller)? cheers sascha

    • Jul 13 2006 | 10:06 am
      In terms of hardware it is very good, I work with the keyboard version which is in all aspects of high standard (justifying it's price). Quality of dials and faders is outstanding and don't jump or miss out values. I have the idea that some interpolation is being done when a knob is turned. Quite easy to program (with software that has to be donwloaded from website, does not come with drivers CD) although a bit of work. The information provided by the LCD's is limited in the sense that different rows of faders/dials and buttons have to share the display of their name (8 chars) and value. In a studio more then fine, in a live situation sometimes too unclear and confusing. Of course it is much more then nothing.
      _ johan
    • Jul 13 2006 | 2:06 pm
      I bought a remote 25 from sweet water. I sent it back because the internal hardware smoothed every continuous controller signal. sometimes ramping of a 200 ms period.
      I had a talk with a sweet guy at novation... mick. he was very tolerant of my insistence that this was a problem that existed. I finally sent him a max application which quantified the smoothing. after that he, said they were looking for ways to turn it off
      it was a very very painful experience because I loved that unit but I sent it back.
      the only other thing which you might want to know from me, is that the ctl objects are finnicky with the xy pad. try using midi/parse instead