NRPN handling

    Apr 16 2013 | 10:07 am
    hey all, I was looking for some tips on using NRPN MIDI messages in M4L.
    I am building a patch to control Analog 4
    It seems certain parameters can only be accessed using NRPNs (not suprisingly).
    You can see a full list of MIDI values in Appendix D of the manual here:
    but I attached a screen-capture of the OSC1 parameters as an example to make things easier...
    So my questions basically are:
    1. How does the midiformat object handle NRPN messages or can it? 2. If it can, can I send regular messages alongside NRPN (I am guessing that the synth will decide which are RPN and which are NRPN according to the MSB, LSB pair)?
    Many, many thanks :)