null class pointer error in application built

    Apr 09 2008 | 2:58 pm
    I'm in the last minute to compile my patches into application for an installation in two days but found unexpectedly the following errors when I run the application. (There was no error message during the compilation)
    . No such object . error:jsjitterobject_Constructor:null class pointer jit_gl_gridshape
    . error:jit.findbounds: No such object . error:jsjitterobject_Constructor:null class pointer jit_findbounds
    I saw vade's post last year about the same type of error for the jit.display object
    • error: jsjitterobject_Constructor: null class pointer jit_displays
    I'm wondering whether I can find a list with all the jitter objects which can be built in JavaScript and got compiled into application. It is actually very strange to me because the should be a very typical object people might built from JavaScript.
    It will be great if anyone could let me know whether this is indeed related to the JS support for Jitter and if so what are other ways to get around it.

    • Apr 09 2008 | 4:20 pm
      no idea about javascript, but when building standalones with java, if you have certain jitter objects instantiated from within the java class, you have to explicitly copy over the external to the application/Contents/support folder, otherwise you get similar errors. it's not all jitter objects, but some. it sounds like you might be running into something similar. i doubt there's a list of the offending objects, it's simply a matter of seeing if the errors come up, and copying the external if it does.
      see if that works for you. -rob
    • Apr 09 2008 | 7:09 pm
      Thanks Rob for your reply. I think the JavaScript is different from Java externals. I didn't define any new object class, just use the existing objects. I saw from Wes' reply to vade's jit.display error, "It doesn't have an underlying jitter object for JS to call. It's just a max wrapper right now." I'm wondering whether that's true for all jitter objects. I really doubt that there is no way I can build a standalone if I need to generate some jitter object in JavaScript.
      Thanks again Rob, your suggestions will be very helpful when I use Java in the future.