NYC Classes in Max, Jitter, Sensors, Robotics and more begin July 31st

    Jul 20 2006 | 4:15 pm
    Classes in Max, Jitter, Sensors, Robotics and more begin July 31st at LEMURplex
    LEMURplex is proud to announce the first offerings in what will be a
    continuing series of courses covering the latest topics combining art
    and technology. Go to for more information and
    to register for courses.
    LEMURPLEX offers classes in two durations:
    Long Format: Three sessions held on consecutive Mondays, Tuesdays, or
    Wednesdays, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
    Short Format: One session held Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
    Class Costs: Long format classes are $300. Short format classes are
    $100. Where applicable, certain classes may have additional lab fees.
    Mondays, July 31, August 7, August 14
    Cycling '74 Jitter
    Introduction to Jitter for Nervous Programmers. Students will be
    exposed to the Max/MSP/Jitter environment with an emphasis on using
    Jitter in the context of the visual arts, interactive performance and
    installation. No prior experience with Max/MSP/Jitter is required,
    however the Introduction to Max/MSP is helpful. Teaching and
    class-examples will be cross-platform Mac and PC compatible.
    Instructor: Liubo Borrisov
    August 1, August 8, August 15
    Physical Computing with MidiTron
    In this course, students will have the opportunity to design small
    sensor-based projects using MidiTron, a sensor and robotic interface
    device. They will learn the basics of MIDI, electronics and
    programming in order to implement their projects. Through guided
    tutorials and critiques, students will explore technical and
    aesthetic issues regarding their projects. In addition, prior art
    will be discussed for inspiration and analysis.
    Instructor: Jonathan Zalben
    August 2, August 9, August 16
    A Multifaceted, Multimedia Approach
    This class will focus on the basics of Max/MSP and is intended for
    anyone interested in incorporating Max/MSP into his or her work. No
    prior experience with Max/MSP/Jitter or computer programming is
    required. The class will feature an overview of digital sound
    processing, sampling, basic digital sound synthesis, software
    techniques for communicating with external devices, and interfacing
    with larger physical and aural environments. The structure of the
    class will follow a two-fold approach, aiming to provide a sufficient
    level of programming skills while emphasizing concept by
    deconstructing representative real word examples.
    Instructor: Dana Karwas
    August 3
    Using Cyclops Video Tracking with Max
    This workshop is an introduction to doing video using Cyclops, a Max
    object for bringing video tracking information into Max/MSP. At the
    end of the session, students will know how to glean meaningful
    numbers in Max from the movement of people and objects across the
    camera's field.
    Instructor: Joshua Goldberg
    August 10
    Working with LEDs & Electroluminescent (EL) Wire
    In this class, you will learn how to wire and control LEDs (light
    emitting diodes) and EL wire (a flexible lighted wire that looks like
    neon). You will learn the correct way to wire and solder multiple
    LEDs, solder and chain EL wire, and wire both types of lights to a
    simple controller to make them blink.
    Instructor: Leif Krinkle