object tracking and sending this data to processing

    Apr 07 2006 | 4:17 am
    Hello All,
    For the project I am thinking to do, I need to track people in front
    of a white wall so that I can track their silhouette. I want to use
    this data in processing to build some eco-system interacting with the
    user. I have heard couple of ways to bring jitter into processing.
    maxlink, and OSC. There are couple of issues though, I want to see
    the user in the applet as well besides tracking him. In other words,
    I want to have two copies of the picture, one will be the sensing
    picture, and the other will be displaying picture.
    One question is, while jitter using to sense the user, is it possible
    to use the same camera to display this picture in processing? I am
    pretty sure this is no go with one camera. Any thoughts on that? it
    looks like it doesn't make big sense to use jitter in sensing and
    doing some process based on this sensing in processing.
    I just don't want to deal with java, sensing the people, has anyone
    any experience with that? Any ideas, thoughts would be great@@

    • Apr 07 2006 | 12:50 pm
      not sure if you can use processing/maxlink for jitter matrices. why
      take it out of the jit.system? what do you want to do in processing
      that can't be done in jitter?
    • Apr 07 2006 | 5:38 pm
      Actually I need to bring lots and lots of data from the web
      according to sensing. Ideally I am thinking to sense colors from the
      users and map this data into some color names and then run google and
      flickr searches according to this. Eventually the data would be
      displayed on the processing window with some physical properties that
      user can interact with.
      what do you guys think?
    • Apr 08 2006 | 2:18 pm
      Personally i would stay in the max environment, but it depends also on your equipment/processorpower which you have. Tracking the people can cost a lot of processing the more so if u want send the video over OSC to Processing.