objects: [delread~] and [delwrite~] needed

    Apr 04 2013 | 4:12 pm
    in Pure Data exists these twoe objects: [delread~] and [delwrite~]
    From Delread-Help-File in PD: read a signal from a delay line. You can use more than one delread~ objects for the same delay line. If the specified delay time is longer than the size of the delay line or less than zero it is clipped to the length of the delay line.
    From Delwrite-Help-File in PD: writes a signal in a delay line. Delwrite~ allocates memory for a delay line and writes an audio signal into it. Delread~ objects by hte same name read from the delay line.
    These two objects should be integratet in "ISPW Compatibility Library" :http://www.maxobjects.com/?v=libraries&id_library=68&PHPSESSID=2264a2f1115b467340262df03ea57256 But there´s no Download-link...
    Does anyone have this lib? Is in Max an alternative Object for [delread~] and [delwrite~]?
    Thanks very much!!!

    • Apr 04 2013 | 4:28 pm
      tapin~ & tapout~ ?