Observing the moment a empty clip slot starts being recorded in?

    May 30 2011 | 10:31 am
    Hi I am trying to work out whether it is possible to use the live observer to send a bang the moment the clip slot is being recorded into.
    I am trying to set a patch that will be able to record a clip in an improvisation of a set length of bars – when the quantise is set to 1 bar or more.
    In order to do this I need to observe the moment – not of the point that the clipslot is triggered to record (which I think can be done with observing “is_triggered”) – But the point when the qunatise cycle comes round and the clipslot starts being recorded.
    According to the Live Object Model reference The “is_recording” property cant be observed. I wondered if the “playing_status” property would achieve the same thing – but so far I cant get that to work.
    Any help greatly appreciated.