oculus rift on Mac

    Oct 31 2018 | 8:22 am
    Hi all, a simple question: Do Max externals for the Oculus Rift for a Mac exist, and do they run stable? All the best, Frank

    • Oct 31 2018 | 2:09 pm
      Hey there,
      I have created a few VR externals.
      The most current is the VR package, which you can get through the package manager, or from here: https://github.com/worldmaking/vr These can talk to the Oculus and SteamVR runtimes, but I'm not sure if this will work on mac. In theory the latest build has mac support for SteamVR (and you can use Oculus with that), but I haven't had a chance to test it.
      Otherwise, I also have a much older external for the oculus rift developer kit versions which did run on mac, which is here: https://github.com/grrrwaaa/max_oculus Not sure if these will work with the consumer Rift, and you'd have to find the 0.4.4 Oculus runtime, which I'm not sure if it will work either.
      The current crop of VR headsets require pretty high-end GPUs and there's not a lot of macs that have that capability, so the majority of VR work has been focused on Windows.
      Anyway hope this helps
    • Dec 06 2018 | 9:38 pm
      Hi Graham,
      I'm having a problem loading the [vr] external; Max is giving me 'Error 126 loading external vr.' Do you have any ideas on troubleshooting? I've posted details here: https://cycling74.com/forums/graham-wakefield-vr-object-error-126-loading-external
      Either way, thanks for these objects!