Odd pattr behaviour...

    Feb 15 2013 | 5:43 pm
    Hello there. I've already posted this issue in the Mx4Live section, but upon experimenting I've found the same bug / error / problem in Max/MSP too so though I'd open it up further.
    I'm using autopattr with pattrstorage in a number of Max4Live patchers in a performance patch. I've set up systems of saving and loading states of the patches but I'm having some odd behaviour.
    If I save states using the store message with an integer, then writing to a file on the computer, everything stores fine and I can happily switch between stored states on all the different patches in my Ableton set. However. if I then switch off Ableton, load it back up and have the same file load into pattrstorage upon opening, the different states will not load correctly, but instead either won't load anything, or will load some previous version (only happens on one patch, obscurely).
    It is certainly something wrong with loading the file I have found. If I open the json file in textedit, all the parameters are correctly entered, but the file will simply not load correctly into pattrstorage.
    An example of the saving system I'm using is attached. I have tried various combinations of autostore and parameter enable with little success.
    Thank you very much for any help.