OggPro externals crashing Max/MSP

    Feb 22 2006 | 3:32 pm
    I'm wondering if anyone else has used the OggPro externals package for
    streaming and receiving Ogg Vorbis encoded audio? I have a patch that
    currently uses both the streaming and receiving objects together, and
    when the audio from the receiver feeds back into the streamer in any way
    (I have tried inserting delays, signals, etc. into the feedback mix),
    Max/MSP crashes completely. The feedback is part of the piece, and thus
    is critical to the patch functioning as desired. Has anyone dealt with
    similar issues with other signal sending/receiving objects and found a
    reasonable workaround? Many thanks.
    Peter Traub

    • Feb 23 2006 | 5:03 pm
      Hi Peter,
      I still don't have a bugfix for you. I can happily run several oggcast~
      and oggamp~ objects in parallel and receive streams that were made with
      objects within the same patch. Also 'rebroadcasting' streams that were
      received with oggamp~ is no problem.
      Only as soon as I create a 'feedback loop' it crashes. Since oggamp~ /
      oggcast~ and the Icecast2 server all use plenty of buffers inbetween
      this should not happen (and it does not happen on Windows, Mac only).
      So for now I can just recommend to switch to Max on Windows...