Old jitter SDK, New error

    Nov 18 2009 | 6:06 am
    hello there!
    I am having some issues compiling jitter externals with the old jitter SDK(I am not sure if there is a newer version, the new 5.0.8 SDK doesn't seem to have any jitter examples).
    The situation is as follows: I recently upgraded to 10.6 and to use the newest Max SDK. However, when I try to compile the any jitter external I am getting 1 error that doesn't the compilation. When I switch from Base or 10.5 Active SDK the situation gets worse, thirty something errors(!)
    The mistake seems to be a non recognized max API path. I tried modifying the API path and to switch from 'absolute' to 'relative' but doesn't seem to work either. Am I missing something here?
    Software specs:
    10.6.1, XCode 3.2, Max SDK 5.0.8, Jitter SDK 1.6(jitter160sdk)
    And herewith some photos of the lovely mistakes
    Thank you!

    • Nov 18 2009 | 6:07 am
      ...and here are the 10.6 active SDk mistakes