One time prepend for last used dial?

    Sep 05 2013 | 7:14 pm
    Let's say i've got 100 dials (I illustrated two in the attachment code for convenience)
    What i want to achieve is the following, if i turn dial 1, it has to prepend a certain value only once. If i keep turning that same knob, the value doesn't need to be prepended. However if I turn knob two (knob two also has to prepend a different value and then stop prepending if i keep turning knob two) But if i then turn knob 1 again it has to prepend the value only once again... Makes sense? :D
    So as long as i keep turning the last used dial, the prepend has to be disabled (except for the first value change)
    But let's say i'd turn two dials at the same time, then the values have to prepend at every value change of the dial...
    How would one even start to solve this?