Sep 24 2009 | 3:52 pm
    Hi, I've never done any programming apart from maxmsp, so know nothing about how to go about coding externals.
    However, I've been using an abstraction in a few patches recently, because I can't get quite the functionality I want from count~, cshot~,shot~ or tap.count~. Cshot~ can't be interrupted mid-ramp, shot~ has no sample ramp and neither of them loop. Count~ and tap.count~ do not allow their count limit to be set at signal rate.
    I made the abstraction to work how I need it to, but in the interest of optimisation (for multiple instances in large patches) I would like to make it into an external. Are there any tutorials I could be pointed to/tips anyone has on starting out?
    Here is my abstraction so you know what I mean.....