openGL 3D Camera perspective problem

    Apr 19 2006 | 12:44 pm

    • Apr 19 2006 | 1:46 pm
      Hi Falk,
      your problem is not very clear to me from what you describe.
      To me the yellow, blue and purple planes don't move relative to each other.
      If you move the camera, the point of view changes, and obviously, the
      planes will move *on the jit.window screen*, but they don't move
      relatively to
      the floor plane.
      (Which seems rather normal with respect to real life conventions,
      otherwise Matrix's
      directors would really have made that matrix revolution)
      FWIW, your yellow, blue and purple planes are crossing the floor, which
      is maybe
      what you call scrubbing, but thats just a matter of positionning your
      objects at
      the right place.
      Also note that if you move the camera along the x-axis, without movin
      the LookAt
      parameter at the same time, you will get a "turning around your scene"
      rather than a travelling effect.
      hope this helps
    • Apr 19 2006 | 3:58 pm
      Hi Vincent,
      Thanks for your answer. I only mean relative to the red plane, not
      yellow blue and purple to each other. But anyway I kept on trying and I
      solved it the way I want it:
      max v2;