openGL exporting data

    Feb 20 2006 | 4:57 pm
    I've got what might be an odd question. I don't know if you are familliar with OGLE - it's an application for windows that basically does a "screen capture" of openGL data - and let's you reuse the objects it captures in your favourite 3D modeling software. So, for example, you could capture the 3D info of your favourite World of Warcraft character and then play with the data in Maya. ok here's teh website:
    so this application is only for windows. and i'm working on a project where i'm trying to convert 2D video into 3D forms that i can then manipulate. I have a patch that creates grid geometry - and displacing and texturing it with a movie. great. it's rendering using now i'm wondering if there's anyway to get that data out of Max/msp/jitter... maybe as an .obj file - or maybe even as the ascii code of what is happening in the openGL.
    I know that it might not be that simple, but i'm sorta trying to emulate what OGLE does but within Max. i'm sure there's someone out there who is way smarter than me who can figure this out (it won't take much to be way smarter than me).
    Thanks so much! -gareth

    • Feb 20 2006 | 9:22 pm
      Basically the .OBJ file format is a very simple text list of vertices, connections between vertices, normals, and texture coordinates (ignoring the more advanced features of the format). I keep meaning to make a javascript example of dumping a Jitter matrix which represents geometry to a .OBJ text file, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Shouldn't be very difficult, if one is familiar with JS. Here's some links on the file format:
    • Feb 20 2006 | 10:02 pm
      Thanks Joshua,
      Unfortunately i'm not so great with JS - so i wouldn't really know where to start... i understand about .obj being simple text files (though will they include the colour information - like in VRML?)... so i'll see what i can come up with. If you have any other suggestions, i'd be very appreciative.
      Thanks, gareth