OpenGL FBO ping-pong like behavior with jitter? is it possible?

    May 11 2011 | 2:31 am
    I’m very new to the MAX/MSP environment so I apologize if this question is too rudimentary. But for my first MAX/MSP project I have run into a bit of problem that no level of google-ing seems to help.
    I want to use a shader to iterate over a texture for a number of passes. Typically in the opengl world I would create two FBO objects and use the results of each pass as an input into the next one. Essentially I would ping-pong between them. In trying to do duplicate this behavior in MAX/MSP I have attempted to do this in a javascript node. The following code looks like it should work but it most definitely does not.
    function bang() {
    radslab1.jit_gl_texture("tex1","texture"); radslab1.jit_gl_texture("tex0", "srcTexture"); radslab1.draw();
    radslab0.jit_gl_texture("tex0", "srcTexture");
    var i=0; for (i = 0; i { if( i % 2 > 0 ){ radslab0.jit_gl_texture(radslab1.out_name,"texture"); radslab0.jit_gl_texture("tex0", "srcTexture"); radslab0.draw(); }else{ radslab1.jit_gl_texture(radslab0.out_name, "texture"); radslab1.jit_gl_texture("tex0", "srcTexture"); radslab1.draw(); } }
    mat.jit_gl_texture(radslab0.out_name); // outlet(1, "jit_gl_texture", radslab0.out_name); outlet(0, "jit_matrix",;
    It doesn’t appear that the using the output from the previous slab as an input to the next is working as I excepted. The shader is working for a single pass but subsequent passes are not.
    Looking trough the examples I haven’t found something that does this technique. I’m hoping that somebody might have some pointers or an obvious direction that I’m over looking.
    Thanks in advance if anybody has any advice, -Booltox