OpenGL Issue With MacBook

    Dec 10 2009 | 7:20 pm
    It's probably not a really big issue, but I have a MacBook (the discrete polycarbonate model, aka the one before the current one that just came out as a unibody which includes a NVIDIA graphic card)
    Anyways, basically I'm not able to have more than one jit.pwindow show up when using openGL. Does anyone know how I can get more than one going because it'll be a lot easier for me to go through multiple tutorials related to creating 3D objects or what not when learning max5.
    EDIT: NVM it does work...maybe it was just because I had too many apps running at the same time or something :S

    • Dec 10 2009 | 9:18 pm
      If you are working with you could have more than one jit.pwindow if you convert by attaching a jit.matrix at the ouput of your slab. But you will slow down your process a lot each time you add a matrix.