OpenGL recording problems

    Feb 20 2006 | 4:29 pm
    For some reason, I always encounter problems when I get to the recording phase.
    This time, Im doing a jit.desktop render, and I am having a couple issues.
    The main one, that I cant live with, is the timing of the video, it seems I have this issue regularly. I have tried with and without Realtime enabled...and I still dont even get close. Without it, my video is usually under 2 minutes (the original is almost 6). With Realtime on, It records to about 4 minutes.
    This is recording to a 30fps file, with a metro driving the jit.desktop object at around 66.66 ms.
    Is this the right setup? Kinda confused, since the .sit file on the render options page is busted.
    Thanks, Computo

    • Feb 20 2006 | 5:51 pm
      I think you want 33.33fps for a 30fps movie. 1000/30 = ?
      I will look into this jit.qt.record realtime thing and see if I can find a problem. But it will take a while, so thanks for the info. We'll be in touch.
    • Feb 21 2006 | 5:53 am
      I such a doof, I was dividing by 2000.
      but Ive tried every different variable, even at 33.33, and such...
      Ive tried somewhere around 50 times, just trying to get the right group of settings...
      Basically, Im stuck.
      Thanks! Joe
    • Feb 21 2006 | 6:07 am
      For perfect timing for recording, you will need to do a non-realtime record. You need to parameterize your patch in such a way that the controls can be set on a per frame basis. You can make a live performance recording the parameters to a coll or some text file, and then read these parameters back stepping one frame at a time for the non-realtime recording. See list archives for more discussions of such an idea. I believe that Randy has been working on a good example of this sort of thing.
    • Feb 21 2006 | 7:48 pm
      Hey Joshua,
      Can you suggest a method or patch that is going to lead me in the right direction?
      I get the concept, but I dont know if I have the knowhow to achieve this result.
      Any suggestions? perhaps someone has a copy of Randy's patch?
      Thanks all! Computo
    • Feb 21 2006 | 8:03 pm
      See this thread: " smooth rendering/writing to disk? "
    • Feb 21 2006 | 8:33 pm
      You might want to have a look at the GestureRecord recipe in the "in depth" section of the website. I believe it is in Book 2. This presents 2 ways of recording parameters frame by frame. I would opt for the pattrstorage method, personally.
    • Feb 21 2006 | 10:10 pm
      You guys rock, I'll try those when I get home from work.
      Thanks a million fellows, Computo
    • Feb 22 2006 | 3:36 am
      Please hold...