opengl text movement

    May 05 2006 | 10:42 pm
    Hi there,
    In the jit.p.shiva/vishnu example, there is an option to show the
    particle ids when viewing the 2d presets. The 2d version feeds id
    and position information into jit.lcd. I am interested in a similar
    effect (text/particles), but I would like to do it in 3d space using or
    Essentially, I would like to have multiple bits of text on the screen
    (in a gl context) that emerge, then decay away over time.
    It seems that I might be able to do this with a combination of (using the multi-text functionality) and jit.p.shiva/
    Is this a good way to go, or can someone suggest a better method for
    making multiple bits of gl text emerge and decay away?