Opening M4L patch for editing, values are badly pre filled :-(

    Feb 07 2013 | 7:27 am
    Dear all, I could not really find an answer in the documentation neither in the forum (well hard to find the good keywords for my issue!).
    - I open my M4L patch for editing, - MAX/MSP opens and shows me the presentation page - in the presentation page, my different modules, live dial, live step, etc... are PRE FILLED with data :-( - This should be okay as I have set a lot of "initial values" to ON. - the issue is that MAX/MSP do not fill with the initial values I pre defined in the "parameter inspector".. rather MAX/MSP fills it with "random" values ...
    I don't know why? I would like that all the values are either empty (Live.step) or live.dial are set to their "initial values (80 out 127) I pre defined.
    Do you know what I am doing wrong, how can I setup MAX/MSP ? Cheers.

    • Feb 07 2013 | 10:43 am
      Unfortunately the initialization details of M4L devices are not well documented. But as I understand it, the "initial values" are used only if you load a device from the browser into the Live set. Otherwise the last saved values of the Live set will be used instead.
    • Feb 07 2013 | 3:38 pm
      oki, thanks! I understand better the behavior now :-)