optimizing ARGB video workflow: tried Vade's patches

    Mar 02 2008 | 8:33 pm
    I have applied all of Vade's advice that I can but I'm constrained by the external object I'm working with. All inputs to (any 320x240 argb matrix) and outputs from the object must be argb.
    It accepts a live input (must be ARGB) and overlays multiple 320x240 argb matrixes (jit.qt.movie is the most commonly used). Using the color mode UYVY distorts both the output and the input. I understand the best compression for the videos seems to be motion jpeg at 80%. With six of the right sized movies playing at once I can get about 19 fps on a Mac Pro and 14 fps on a macbook.
    Are there any improvements I can make to the movies that will speed up the overall framerate? Would putting a speedlim on the overlayed movies be advisable?
    Patch posted below: