Optimizing System Exclusive messages to a synth

    Apr 20 2009 | 3:27 am
    So I got this old-school synth (free!) and built a control patch for all the parameters, so I can control it much more easily than the built-in buttons which are totally unwieldy. Works great using the [sxformat] object, but I'd like to use [pattr] to morph between settings like cutoff and resonance and whatever else, and when I do, it's just way too much for the MIDI and/or the synth to handle...so lots of dropouts happen in the sound as it tries to keep up.
    What I was wondering was whether it's possible to collect a bunch of param changes into a list and use the [sxformat] to send a whole slew of them at once. Looks like one can send up to the $i9 value in the sxformat, but I seem to remember that some sysex commands can have a list of values (param # -- value pairs) sent all at once, between the begin-end commands. If the sxformat object isn't set up to handle this, perhaps there's a way to format it manually with itoa or something? Sending lists, even in a series of pairs, might work better, if there's less of the "begin---command---end" data to send.
    Any thoughts would be great. It's certainly not a huge issue, but experimenting with the limits of what it can do would be cool.
    The synth is a Korg DW-8000, screen shot attached.

    • Apr 20 2009 | 3:47 am
      the only way to send more sysex data than one by one would be to build the whole patch in max, and send that as preset dump to the device.
    • Apr 21 2009 | 10:47 am
      Use speedlim to limit the amount of messages for your pattr interpolation. It will jump a bit maybe, but not bug out...