optipac issues with hi object?

    May 17 2006 | 8:11 pm
    Hi I'm trying to use an optiPAC trackball interface from Ultimarc to interface two happ controls trackballs withe m/m/j, using the hi object. I'm having trouble getting any data from the hi object using either the route, the print, or the unpack objects. The optipac interface shows up in the ubumenu when I send 'menu' message to the hi obj, and if I send 'info' to hi, both optiPAC interfaces show up, each with 7 elements.
    I'm getting good data from and Ipac PCB, as well as from the USB keyboard, and, previously, from a logitech dual action. so there seems to be a particular problem with the optipac. Also, both trackballs (through the optipac interface) are able to control the cursor as if there were 2 mice attached, so I've ruled out a hardware problem.
    Does anyone have any experience with this, admittedly particular/obscure, problem? I've been stuck here for days now. Thanks, -joe