[OT] CCRMA Laptop Ensemble Summer Workshop

    Mar 01 2007 | 2:00 pm
    Hey everyone -- here's another fun summer thing:
    CCRMA Workshop
    Composing and Coding for Laptop Ensemble (CCL)
    2 weeks
    July 23 - August 3
    Dan Trueman and Ge Wang, with Perry Cook
    Emphasizing hands-on approaches, this workshop will address the
    challenges of making music in laptop ensembles. At the core of the
    workshop will be a set of meta-instruments (laptops with 6-channel
    hemispherical speakers, associated audio gear, sensors, and
    controllers) from the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk; see
    plork.cs.princeton.edu). Together, we will act as performers,
    researchers, composers, and software developers, focusing our
    attention on instrument design, composition, and music making with
    these instruments. The challenges are many: what kinds of sounds
    can we create? How can we physically control these sounds? How do
    we compose with these sounds? There are also social questions with
    musical and technical ramifications: how do we organize ourselves
    in this context? With a conductor? Via a wireless network? And so
    Morning sessions will focus primarily on instrument design,
    composition, and coding issues using the languages ChucK and
    Max/MSP. Experience with these languages, or programming languages
    in general, is not required but will be beneficial; depending on
    the makeup of the group, we may at times divide into smaller groups
    to teach experience-appropriate skills as needed. We will look at
    how various composers and engineers have addressed the challenges
    posed by laptop ensembles and brainstorm new approaches. Afternoon
    sessions will emphasize music-making of already existing pieces and
    new pieces created by workshop members. Graduates of both the PID
    and DSP workshops may find this a useful workshop for applying what
    they have learned.