[OT] info about new york live video / audio 1-8 april

    Mar 30 2006 | 8:26 pm
    hi all, sorry for the off topic but I had to ask-
    I am flying over the ocean to new york city this weekend, to be there for a week.. wondered if someone could recommend any place there where I may see interesting new-media art, esp. video processing and/or max related, interesting audio performances and such. Didn't know where to find the good stuff in the sea of info out there..

    • Mar 31 2006 | 4:02 am
      you're in luck! NYC explodes with great shows this week. Here we go:
      Friday: i'd recommend EyeWash at Monkeytown tomorrow night. great
      visualists and music. details:
      Saturday: another really good visualist, Joshue Ott, is playing at
      Monkeytown Saturday night:
      Every Sunday, SHARE hosts a free, open audio/visual jam in the East
      village. Great place to meet fellow artists and coders and experience
      the rhizome ;)
      Wednesday: Skipping to later in the week, Dorkbot-NYC (a meetup for
      presentations of all kinds of weirdzo new media research) has three
      really nifty speakers -- i'm forwarding a friend's weekly
      recommendations email to you off list that has more info about the
      dorkbot speakers.
      Hrm...what else...looks like there'll be some cool audio and video at
      Diapason this Thursday (free)
      And if you'll still be around next Saturday, there are two huge events
      out in Bushwick: Emergence @ 23 Windows in Bushwick (free) and the
      Bushwick Art Project fundraiser party, at which I'm doing some
      visuals. :) More info on these in my other email.
      welcome to new york! hope you have a great time. if you come to
      SHARE or the BAP show, say hi. :)