[OT] list archive

    Mar 22 2008 | 3:22 pm
    hello all. i think it's a general consensus that the mailing-list forum integration is, shall we say, tricky. my two main beefs as a forum user are the reply-to threads which should be a new topic, but aren't detected as such, and the mailing-list attachments, which don't make it to the forum.
    since back in the day i have gone to synthesisters.com archive, and this seems to solve both of those problems (albeit on a one day or so delay). however, it seems to only archive the max forum, and the jitter forum is shown no such love (nor java, javascript, dev etc). does anyone know if there is a jitter forum backup out there which is similar to the synthesisters.com one?
    (i know i could just join the mailing-list, but i prefer the forum. sue me.)
    thanks. -rob