(ot) Loris build for win32

    Mar 12 2006 | 11:14 am
    does anyone here has a build of Loris (http://www.cerlsoundgroup.org/Loris/) for win32 ? Or anyone here could help me to build it with Cygwin ?!
    very OT: i'm very fed up to see all these amazing tools around, thrown on the web with only a "Demerdez-vous" smile ! No build infos, no f****** simple packages, no nothing... If they don't want it to be used, why do they make it public ?! To have the pleasure figuring us wasting 10 hours on google for nothing ?? In the case of Loris : no help to build it on other dev tools than commercial ones, no setup for the python package... god, i'm gonna kill them.
    anyway, i'll still have to thank them for the job, 'cause it really seems to be a good one...
    best regards