[OT] MacBook Pro & RME Audiolink

    Nov 15 2006 | 4:41 pm
    hi all,
    Well, I went for the MacBook Pro in the end, and following on from Alessandro's link to the PCMCIA->ExpressCard adaptor that is coming later this year I thought that I'd check with RME if they thought that it would work. This is the reply from their support guy in the US. It looks like I'm going to have to get another interface! > >> >> Just moved over to a MacBookPro, which of course means that I >> can't use my Audiolink/Multiface combination. And as far as I can >> see from looking around the RME site, it doesn't look as though >> there's going to be an RME Expresscard any time soon. > According to one of the RME guys,an Expresscard is being discussed > and is a possibility,but I don't have any official word on whether > one will in fact be available,or when. >> >> Someone pointed out to me the convertor that I've linked to below, >> which should be available later this year. >> Do you know of any reason why this wouldn't work with the >> Audiolink and the current RME drivers? > There are no Intel Mac drivers available yet for the HDSP > interfaces,as the hardware itself cannot be installed in any Intel > Mac.I wouldn't expect drivers until RME's PCI-E interfaces become > available. >> >> http://www.duel-systems.com/products/adapters.aspx > It's entirely possible that this may work,but it's likely that RME > will not "officially" support the use of such a device.This was the > case a few years ago when some users were using PCMCIA to PCI > converters instead of buying HDSP PCI cards.In any case,you will > have to wait for an Intel Mac HDSP driver.