[OT] New album released

    Feb 22 2008 | 12:06 pm
    Apologize for the noise. But i'm proud to announce the release of my second album, which is an extension of a few pieces i wrote for a movie.
    f.e chanfrault | Inside | Asphalt Duchess 2008
    Appart from the piano and strings piece, of course, everything here was made with a virus kc, a vermona drm1 mkIII, a boss vf1, a very old echo chamber, a waldorf pulse+, and most of all, the Litter Pro, munger1~, rtcmix~, eric lyon's potpourri and trond lossius objects.
    Except for the creamy basses, made with the virus, most of the distorted, screaming synths are pluggos of my own.
    -- f.e chanfrault | aka | personal computer music >>>>>>> http://www.personal-computer-music.com >>>>>>> |sublime music for a desperate people|