[OT] New Year's webcast: HEAD! SMASHED! IN! BUFFALO! JUMP!

    Jan 01 2009 | 12:28 am
    Hello all,
    To ring in the year we're streaming a live remix of HEAD! SMASHED! IN! BUFFALO! JUMP!
    The broadcast is from from midnight EST December 31 to midnight EST January 1 (0500 GMT January 1 2009 to 0500 GMT January 2 2009).
    A MAX/MSP remixer will slice and dice a two-hour performance we recorded at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton in October 2008.
    The stream and MP3 archive will be here: http://www.instantplaces.ca/broadcasts/headsmashedin/01.html
    During 2008 we were able to realize projects in Japan, Chicago, and Toronto. See http://www.instantplaces.ca for project photos and sound recordings.
    Best wishes for 2009! Laura Kavanaugh Ian Birse