[OT] Oct 22nd: Maxers get together in Amsterdam

    Sep 29 2009 | 11:56 am
    Hi all,
    On the 22nd of October we organize the SHARE event in the Sugar Factory, a nice night club in Amsterdam. There will be quite a bunch of experienced Maxers attending, which makes this an interesting opportunity to show work, share inside tips and tricks, and in general, meet.
    There is a day program that allows to demonstrate and discuss work, an evening program with workshops (about Max For Live, among others) and a night program with an audiovisual jam session for everyone who wants to participate.
    More info here: www.shareamsterdam.com. Especially noteworthy is that we can get you free entrance for the entire day and night program if you contact us in advance.
    Hope to see you there! Mattijs

    • Oct 20 2009 | 10:26 am
      Hi all,
      Just to make sure you know, we're expecting some interesting people this thursday at SHARE. For example: Stijn Kuipers with the prerelease of his new modular sound design solution Blok; Aadjan van der Helm from TU Delft who will demonstrate an Industrial Design project focused on Augmented Reality; Eric Jansen who will bring a green screen, camera and a big pile of fisher technik stuff; overstimulating 3D GFX strobe experiments; audiovisual software paintings (real paint!); all sorts of live visuals and sounds, etc.
      If you are not on our list of participants yet (you should have received a confirmatory email from someone of the organization) but you do want to participate, make sure to send us an email or fill out the online form. Please let us know which gear you bring so we can connect you and put you on the list for free entrance!
      Cheers, Mattijs