OT - Pellucid, live at MUSIC WASTE 2006

    Jun 01 2006 | 5:18 pm
    Hi folks, this is slightly off-topic, and only applies to people living in Vancouver, BC who don't mind being groggy from sleep deprivation at work/school the next day - I'm playing tonight (June 1) at Pub 340 (340, Cambie, in Gastown) on the kick-off for Music Waste 2006! And I'm so shit-hot that I've been bumped up to headliner for the night... that means I'm playing from 12:15 - 12:45 am. Everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday, and being sober at work is SOOOO overrated, so this late night won't be an issue for you, I know. My set is 100% MaxMSP - a I use a huge patch I call PLAB ("P(ellucid)Lab- - cute, no?) which is kind like a poor man's Abelton Live, but better :)
    Bird Band, The Barcelona Chair & Time Is An Elephant also play, so it's not like you'd be sitting around, thinking "when is the freaken music gonna start".