[OT] re-new 2009 call

    Jan 02 2009 | 4:27 pm
    Hi all (sorry for x-posting),
    The next re-new digital arts festival will take place in Copenhagen May 16-22 2009.
    We are hosting club and performance events at various venues through the city centre, as well as installations of interactive and generative environments, robotics, bio-feedback etc., for all age groups.
    We encourage all submissions independent of genre for the festival, and look for experimental works that challenge with new combinations in digital procedures.
    Please see www.re-new.dk for general info, and go to http://www.re-new.dk/index.php?pid=7 to submit your proposals.
    In particular, we'll be setting up an upright 1:1.7 LED video monolith app. 6 meter wide and 10 meter tall with edge-to-edge image on one side at an out-door public space. The Monolith will have a built-in cutting-edge PA, and the LED panels exceed 5000 nits - bright enough to give a clear display in full daylight. Works submitted for the Monolith can be performative, audiovisual, installation, gaming, dance, VJ, etc., with audience involvement as you please. Technical details at http://www.re-new.dk/index.php?pid=15
    re-new 2009 is coordinated with the ICAD 2009 conference (International Conference on Auditory Displays), and information on conference topics and submission procedures are found at www.icad09.dk - we encourage submissions at both events.
    Affiliation is had with CMMR 2009 - the Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval conference. Information is available at www.re-new.dk/index.php?pid=6
    We will furthermore organize two days of workshops, including two workshops dedicated to maxmsp and jitter users.
    Deadline for submission is January 30th.