[OT] Welcome Sound, and attn. Ohio Maxers

    Jun 13 2009 | 4:17 pm
    Hello all,
    Just wanted to express my enjoyment of the latest journal entry posted discussing the "Welcome Sound" event. Although I wasn't in attendance (regrettably), I found the performers' recounting of the experience quite inspiring, which lead to my crawling out from my lurker status to post.
    I'm curious as to whether or not there are other Max users in the Ohio area (I'm in Columbus) interested in getting together for something similar. Having received my music degree some 10 years ago, I'm out of touch with the academic crowd, and not really keyed in to any electro-acoustic events in my own area. I figured reaching out from this forum may sprout some new connections with other musicians interested in collaboration, discussions, or just listening to each other's work.
    Forgive the noise if this isn't the right venue to reach out, but after years of a sort of musical solitude, there is a part of me yearning for Max contact and I thought it might be worth a post.
    (Incidentally, I will be performing with an unreleased sineqube app this Saturday, 6.20.09 at a place called the Art Pad Gallery, if anyone in Columbus is interested in checking it out).