output to multiple channels?

    Jun 09 2010 | 3:28 pm
    I was wondering if there is a way to have an option to output into multiple channels in Live with a multi channel instrument.
    I would like this instrument to function in exactly the way Lives Impulse does, i.e. all channels output as one stereo track, but each channel is available to be routed separately to its own channel if required.

    • Jun 09 2010 | 6:11 pm
      to: seanzshow@hotmail.com :
      no, you cannot. it is mainly an ableton issue. and all workarounds (global send(~)s/receive(~)s, shared buffer~s, shared jit.matrix's, osc, etc) introduce unpredictable latency. however, for control use 'live.remote~' - it is great.
      my guess is you will have to wait for ableton 9 in a couple of years, and even then do not hold your breath
      to: everyone else :
      i think we need to put this in a "common max-for-live arcana" ?! it comes up at least once a day at the moment...