oval, rect, graphic from max 4.6

    Feb 24 2010 | 11:38 am
    i was picking through the more unusual of my students' patches over the years, and have been meaning to fix one that is broken--it is the game of breakout (ball, paddle, bricks). i've been searching for 2 hours to no avail, what has become of the [rect], [oval], and [graphic] objects. does anyone know? i recall demonstrating this patch to students on max 4.6; so something has been "obsoleted," or i am doing something very wrong. i kept my distance, until recently, from "seeing" max. (and now i am have many troubles, but that will be a different post.)
    it is a wonderful patch-of-patches, and i'd love to show it to each incoming class, as i used to, as a demonstration of especially idiosyncratic uses of max.
    if the patches require some sort of manual rewrite using [lcd], then, i suppose i will do it one day; if someone has written replacements that are fully compatible (i now see they are listed in maxobjects.com as for 4.6), i would love to take a glimpse.
    thank you, peter whincop mit music and theater arts lecturer in electronic music composition.