Parameter Banks in M4L-Devices

    Aug 25 2013 | 10:41 pm
    Hi there, i'm new to Max, new to Push but have some years of Ableton-experience … For anyone of you who bought the live9 suite, we all got these wonderful drum-synth made in m4l. love them.
    now, in my push i found out that there are only 8 parameters available on push's display.
    i opened the devices in Max and found out about the Automapping Index. A godsend! Now i can map all parameters of the device across several pages (banks of 8 parameters.) These Parameter-Banks are named "Bank 1" "Bank 2" "Bank 3" etc.
    However, in native Live Devices, these Banks have Titles that give more contextual information, like "Envelope" "Osc" etc.
    Now to my question: is there any setting in Max, that i haven't found out about yet, that let's me name these parameter Banks? It would be so cool to fully go into that Push-Workflow this way … 
    I'm thankful for every hint into the right direction.
    Thanks, niklas

    • Jun 05 2014 | 7:15 pm
      nobody? I´m very interested too!
    • Jan 04 2015 | 5:45 am
      This would be a great feature. my workaround is to use racks, label the chains for each group of 8 macros and map them.
    • Jan 10 2017 | 2:45 pm
      I face the same problem. The tool UberMap can do it : As described in the summary : "Ubermap works by intercepting the calls from Ableton to retrieve device parameters whenever a device is selected in Push, and first looking for a suitable parameter mapping file in ~/Ubermap/Devices and sending these parameters to Push, before falling back to the default Ableton mapping (as defined in if no enabled custom mapping is found.
      This means you can redefine what parameters and parameter banks are shown on Push for any AU/VST device, including renaming parameters or banks and inserting blank spaces, letting you create a much more intuitive layout for 3rd party plugins. These mappings can be shared with other users by sharing the appropriate .cfg file with them.
      To create an initial mapping, we need to know what parameters a device presents to Live - luckily, Ubermap will automatically export a new configuration file for any device it hasn't seen before, containing a list of all the parameters, split into banks of 8, making customisation much easier."
      If UberMap can do, Max4L should be able too. I suggest a property for each M4L item to be used as the Bank name... Is there a feature request place for this ?