(PARIS) Looking for people!

    Feb 11 2010 | 10:39 pm
    Just thought I'd put a brief message up here: I've just moved to Paris and have some time on my hands for the next few months, so thought I might hunt out potential collaborators for some open ended, not-too-serious improvisation sessions. I'm especially interesting in networking some machines and running Osc data between them.
    As for myself, I'm initially from Australia, and have been using Max/MSP for almost two years now (although I had a grudging history with Supercollider before that) and I mostly use a cheap and slightly dodgy non-name game controller to interface with MSP.
    Some of my odds and ends can be found here: http://tiny.cc/allwnop and if you are interested, feel free to drop me a message!

    • Mar 09 2010 | 5:11 pm
      Used to live in Paris, there are people teaching/learning max/MSP at both ENSAD and Paris 8 so getting into those networks would be a way to track some people down.
      I don't know of any max groups in Paris but I'm sure there would be one. You could try getting in contact with people at Upgrade Paris (http://incident.net/theupgrade/) or Dorkbot Paris (http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotparis/) they might be able to point you in the right direction.
      a+ gar
    • Mar 14 2010 | 12:53 pm
      Thanks heaps for the tips,
      I've had a quick look around, but quickly finding my cursory understanding of the french language to be the biggest barrier. Oh well, sure I'll turn up something with enough persistance...
      good luck with everything, Paul
    • Mar 16 2010 | 5:15 pm
      Yes, your in there country you have to speak their language - that's the French attitude. They do appreciate the effort though and most will listen and correct you if you persistently try to converse in French. The best thing to do is (if your there for the foreseeable future) throw yourself into something where you have to speak French, a job, an ma, something like that and you'll pick it up quickly - tv helps a lot as well even if your not a tv fan it'll give you the everyday words.
      Anyway let me know if you find something / are performing or see it advertised as I'll be in Paris for a week over Easter so keeping an eye out for things to go to.
      a+ gar