Parliament on fire

    Feb 04 2011 | 6:26 pm
    Hello dear list,
    I need some jitter tester and jitter guru's to help me to make my patch work at anytime.
    i build a patch for a show wich reads .mov 800 600 resolution files and places them in a jit.window @size 2400 600 (not in fullscreen). A kind of VPT if you know the program. The player is build in a poly~ from (with it's umenu connected to the movie file containing 65 movies) to the I'm reading from a movie file placed on an ssd intel25 where all movies are encoded in apple prores 422 proxy (wich seems to be more stable than photojpeg codec) and is inside our macpro 8core 16Go RAM 2x ATI HD5770 graphics card OS 10.6.6. running Max/MSP Jitter 5.1.7 The show is drived with a pattstorage system and has 45 slots to recall i started to give priority levels to some parameters in the clientwindow but as i 'm not sure of which one should be recalled before an other one...
    It happens that the patch works fine but there is always in the console (sys log) this strange sentence about radar
    _RemoveTimeTask(), the current time manager task 0x_ _ _ _ _ _ being removed is also curently executing its tmAddr routine, so unexpected thing may result (Radar #4555679)
    i tried to understand the meaning of it but didn't find any answer.
    I have several types of crash if you need them to help me i will be happy to send some of them.
    i will put the movie files online next week so you may test it with the ones used during the show.
    Here is the folder, the main patch is called arielmaster240111.maxpat it will automatically open five instances of the player and a BCF2k240111.maxpat wich contains some automations and permits the use of a BCF2000 from Behringer to control fade in/out using a the a parameter from color message to with the faders encoders from the console fade in/out using scale (brightness) parameter from the @cc.rgba2uyvy.jxs with the rotary encoders from the console start stop message with the first line of button from the console loop on off message with the second line of button from the console keyboard right and left key makes switch back and forth the slots
    I hope this will help you to start to use my patch and give some hints about how i build my program.
    I had some mails with the support team and Andrew Benson from cycling74 to clean up a bit (i only had a wrong loadram mess change from loadram 1500, loadram $1$2 to loadram 0 1500, loadram $1$2 i missed a 0 and changed the codec from my movies from pjpeg to prores) but now i don't have anymore answer to my questions so i'm looking for some answer and help on the forum.
    Any comments are welcome, really i would love to find out what's wrong with it, i 'm still learning every day about programming but here i come to a bottle neck, i don't understand enough the crash reports to drive my patching and make the changes to improve my program.

    • Feb 15 2011 | 3:33 pm
      hello dear list, ---- (5Go) here is the link to the whole program including footage if some of you could test to see if they have crashes... You need to have at least a second and third monitor to achieve 2400 600 pixels for the jit.window. Put the whole file in your max search path and steps thru the show using arrow right key If ever you crash please be so kind and send me the crash report offline to Thank you for testing Cheers Hubert