Passing attributes into abstraction?

    Apr 27 2009 | 4:32 am
    so once again I find myself having an MXJ which takes attribute style arguments INSIDE an abstraction. and I need to set the mxj attributes at load time from the abstraction arguments.
    It would be really useful if I could somehow pass attribute style arguments into the MXJ without zeroes in the MXJ if I didn't fill anything in. I can't think of a way. Anyone have any ideas? short of using patcherargs with scripting? This solution is slow and clunkly.
    any ideas?

    • Apr 27 2009 | 12:00 pm
      scratch that bit about a workaround in scripting. apparently it's tough to script mxj attributes with newdefault. I had to include them in the text attribute
      ug. UG!