passing of text through max? backslashes, double quotes?

    Jul 10 2011 | 8:59 pm
    Im trying to send some input text which is typed like this:
    In From MIDI Yoke: 3
    To a message box so it ends up like this: (with double quotes)
    "In From MIDI Yoke: 3"
    However, im stumped at how I can do this. Ive tried combine (which removes all the spaces so doesnt work) and also sprintf, which adds a after every double quote.
    Combine = " InFromMIDIYoke:3" Sprintf = " In From MIDI Yoke: 3" append/prepend = " In From MIDI Yoke: 3"
    I dont get it. Why cant I just send a simple string of text through max and append prepend quotes? Would be grateful for any pointers?

    • Jul 10 2011 | 9:23 pm
      if i use tosymbol it works - however I have a double space in my text. tosymbol now removes this so im back to square one again :(
      I can get the extra space to come through if i escape it with a . However this is not really a solution. Would love to know how to get tosymbol to ignore the extra spaces.