Patch cord drag to reconnect not working

    Nov 11 2009 | 7:48 pm
    For some reason, the ability to reconnect a patch cord isn't working. I don't see the little purple circle on the inlets/outets and dragging a patch cord does nothing.
    I tried searching through the manual, and on the forum. Is this a preference or something? I didn't manually change anything. I tried deleting the Max 5 preferences, reinstalling, nothing is working.

    • Nov 12 2009 | 1:13 am
      From what you've wrote I think you may have your patch locked!
      It is command+e to toggle unlocked and locked modes
    • Nov 12 2009 | 1:15 am
      Maybe you double clicked on the patch and it opened in the runtime
    • Nov 12 2009 | 9:10 pm
      No, it's actually a feature of Max 5.1. You can see the "drag to reconnect" patch cord feature in the Max for Live public beta. It's wicked! Sorry I obviously wasn't clear enough.