Patch to save parameters in preset, zl/prepend/m4l.api.deviceparameter syntax

    Jan 02 2010 | 10:41 pm
    so, i'm trying to create a simple patch to read the parameters of a live device and save them into a preset box then recall them.
    i'm having problems with m4l.api.deviceparameter, in the valuemanager subpatcher i'm trying to take the list of parameter ids then query m4l.api.deviceparameter for their states.
    however, the rightmost inlet of m4l.api.deviceparameter needs the number in the format "id 27" or "id 28" so what i tried to do is just put "prepend id" inline but i think for some reason there's list/integer handling issues because the entire process within my valuemanager subpatcher is dysfunctional.
    the process of prepending "id" seems to work fine within the selectparameter bpatcher *WHICH BY THE WAY i'm using a modified version of*
    so anyway. i'm not very experienced with max/msp/jitter so i'm sure i'm just not making the right associations.
    but any and all help on this one would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks a lot.