Patcher Window Size and Offset

    Aug 14 2008 | 5:45 pm
    Hi all,
    Let me begin by stating that I never post here unless I've spent more than a few days trying to solve a problem :). So, sorry in advance if this seems utterly basic; I actually think it should be basic, but I'm almost at hair-ripping-out stage.
    I'm experiencing something which possibly may be a bug, but I'm not entirely sure... this is another one of those 'should be straightforward, but it's not doing what I expected' things.
    I've got a MAX patch that contains several 'p' objects in it, and these 'p' objects open up to reveal the inner workings, as they should, when the user clicks the 'open' button. However, no matter what I do, I cannot make these windows open to reveal the view I want them to reveal. The 'p's contain fairly complex innards, and I don't want the user to see them, I just want the user to see the interfaces I've created.
    Now, yes, I do realize this is basic, but here's what I should point out:
    1. I've tried manually adjusting the window to give the view I want, and then saving... this is what I remembered from MAX4. But I swear, it's not working at all. No matter what position these windows are in when I save them, if I quit and re-open, they go back to showing the top left corner, which contains absolutely nothing. If I turn the scroll bars off, then I get the same view, but without the option to move.
    2. Presentation mode gets the exact same results.
    3. none of the usual 'openrect' style things seem to be working at all... maybe I don't understand them (in fact, I probably don't) but I'm not getting any error messages in the MAX window, just a total lack of anything.
    4. What the heck does 'focus' mean? Could this be the answer to my question?
    5. Define Initial Window location does not work.
    Is there a simple answer to this? I am actually starting to believe that there is a bug here, as I have made dozens of apps that use 'p' and this has never come up. This is, though, the first one that I've done in MAX 5.
    Can anyone, please (and without judgement:)) help a brother out!? How can I simply define the view that I want a user to have of a 'p' when they open it??
    PS. I've looked at several tutorials, and none of them seem to contain the information I want. Maybe I don't even know what to search for?

    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:27 pm
      First, if you want a specific view of a patcher (or subpatcher), it will have to be in presentation mode.
      Open the patcher inspector, and select "Open in Presentation".
      Select the objects you want, and add them to presentation.
      Go into presentation mode, and drag them to the top left corner of the window.
      Resize the window, then select "Define Fixed Initial Window Location".
      Select "Initial Window Location", and save the patch.
      Whenever you open the patcher, it should open in presentation mode, at the exact size and location you saved. Even after editing and saving the patch, reselecting "Initial Window Location" will return you to that setting.
    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:36 pm
      Hi. Why not putting all you want to appear in top left window of the patcher and noscrool ? (I think that it was the same behavior in max4 though...) Isn't this "offset" behavior supposed to work only with bpatchers and not patchers ? Can't help more.
    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:41 pm
      Look @ bpatchers
    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:43 pm
      Hi guys,
      Thanks for your input...
      I should have mentioned that I am trying to avoid actually rearranging things (i.e. putting the interfaces in the top left), but only because it will be extremely hard work to do it at this point.
      If it's the only way though, then I will proceed like that. I just thought that there *must* be a simple way to do this using a message like "userview 356.23.44.64" (I know that's not real, I'm just saying that as an example).
      The patch I've built has some fairly complex routings and a carefully designed interface that I'm sure to screw up when i move. It will be extremely labour intensive to make those changes at this point... but, heck, I've made it this far, so, if there are no shortcuts that I'm missing, then I will bite the proverbial bullet and do it that way.
      Thanks again, joel
    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:47 pm
      Oh, "Patcher Inspector" also works for... erm... patchers =)
    • Aug 14 2008 | 6:48 pm
      Changing positions of objects in presentation mode doesn't affect ordering of events.
      That's what is so cool about it - just highlight the user interface objects, and display those.