Patching up multiple polyphonic modes between 4 voices


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    Dan Gayle
    Feb 03 2023 | 1:16 am
    I'm trying to build a Vermona PERfourMER MKII clone in rnbo, and I need some architectural help. The synth voices themselves are easy enough, but the interaction between the voices is hard.
    The Perfourmer has 4 voices and runs in multiple polyphony modes:
    • M1 monophonic unison
    • M2 monophonic rotating
    • D1 duophonic unison
    • D2 duophonic rotating
    • P1 polyphonic (long notes held)
    • P2 polyphonic (long notes not held)
    I'm pretty certain this can be done using manual voice allocation within a sub patcher using the user polyphony mode and the [voice] object, but the logic behind the whole thing is far beyond my expertise, and the example given in the the is for a drum machine, not so much mono/duo/poly.
    Anyone care to take a stab at writing a voice allocation sub patch in rnbo or does anyone have an example in Max that I can translate over?
    Vermona PERfourMER MKII interface
    Vermona PERfourMER MKII interface
    Screenshot of Cycling '74 Polyphony video
    Screenshot of Cycling '74 Polyphony video
    Reference materials about the architecture of the device: