pattr @bindto bug ?

    May 25 2012 | 11:56 pm
    I'm experiencing a strange behavior with pattr's bindto attribute. I'm using pattr for a routing-system.
    I have a [pattr value] and a [pattr @bindto ::OSC::value @invisible 1] in two different p subpatches.
    The patch works as expected but very rarely, when loading the patch the binding fails: pattr: (u737000522): failed to bind to target (::OSC::value).
    This is very frustrating, because the error occurs maybe only one in 50 times :(
    It's part of a bigger patch which takes about 20 seconds to load, because of polys~ with many voices (maybe this causes the bug?).
    I've found a workaround by loadbanging a bindto message instead of using the @bindto attribute. But still I wonder if someone has an explanation for this error?
    I'm using Max 5.1.9
    cheers, jan.